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Study Habits Of Successful Students

Study Habits Of Successful Students

Having good study habits is perhaps the most important part in becoming a good student.

I have observed successful students around me, to see what they do to succeed, and it came out that all of them organize their studies in a precise way, which is much common among them.

Of course it took them some effort and time to develop useful study habits, but as it comes out the result is worth the efforts.

Here are some of their most common habits:

  1. Plan a specific time for studying and always do it at the same time. Of course there are some situations which we can’t control that make it impossible for us to study at a certain time, but you should agree that such situations occur very rarely. Usually this is quite an affordable task.
  2. Don’t do much studying at a time. Instead spread your study during the day, taking rests between studies. This is a very useful habit, and it will be even better if you divide your study materials into separate units and study one at a time. If you want to improve your memory you can revise the whole material before you go to sleep: we remember things better if we do them right before sleeping.
  3. Work in couples. When you see that you can’t solve a certain problem, or need to retell study materials to someone, it is best to call a fellow student. By helping each other you will both succeed in your studies.
  4. Successful students make notes and revise them before starting to study. Generally making notes is another good thing to do to improve your memory. When you make notes, you involuntarily memorize what you write, and it will be much easier for you to remember what the study materials are about when you actually get to them.
  5. Set specific goals for your studies and follow those goals. This helps you to concentrate on specific subjects, instead of reading a lot of materials they actually don’t need.

These are the study habits of the successful students I know, but you can also develop your own habits in addition to these.

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