Refund Policy.

Wisely designed refund policy guarantee to back your money if not made its worth.

Our team believes in trustworthiness and straightforwardness while being committed to any order. Our refund strategy is made so carefully that no clause is to be undeniable based on certain ethics and principles. Customers can place a request of full* or a fractional refund provided that if not contented with the work done through our writers.
The request is to be fulfilled under the convoying settings:

  • Get late to convey the order on pre-decided due date.
  • Less in quality unable to cover well-researched content without having originality.
  • If the desired deal was not committed.
  • The request was not reviewed acceptably.
  • There was no response to your interrogations by the customer service staff even after 24 hours.

Our customers are provided to forward a claim of being discounted, however an ultimate choice of decision lies on the Quality Assurance Department Our clients are endowed to place a request of being refunded but the final decision authority is just our Quality Assurance Department. The partial time to place request is within 7 days after receiving the final product. If the request is failed to be responded within the given time bound, it is automatically rejected.If the request is legitimate, It is to be made sure that within 10-15 days, the Quality Control Department make arrangements for the refund request. QAD has full flash authority to take decision about the refund amount. It is further notified that only 90% of the total amount will be reimbursed when a full refund request is made.

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