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Memory Improvement Techniques For Memory Training

Memory Improvement Techniques For Memory Training

How often have you found yourself in a situation where you are unable to remember the name of someone you met, only a few moments ago. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, pin numbers, so many things to remember, one has to wonder if memory improvement techniques can really help? The truth of the matter is that memory training really does work. You’ve heard it said, “Use it or lose it”’, the brain is just like any muscle in the body and the more you exercise it, the more information you will be able to remember.

Mnemonics are memory tools used for memory improvement techniques, mostly information that may be difficult to recall. An example would be the old rhyme our mothers taught us, ’30 days hath September’ to help us remember the amount of days of each calendar month. You are able to retain and recall more information and avoid frustrating memory loss with memory training. These tools enable us to remember information in an easy to recall manner. Our memories effectively store images, emotions, positions, touch, tastes, smells, sounds, language and colors. We code these and create sophisticated models in our world. Most of the information we need to remember is in word printed form and our brains do not easily encode information that has been written. This is why we find it difficult to remember.

If one uses vivid images to store information as a training technique, you will find that the information is easier to code and recall. By using positive, pleasant images or sensation-laden, colorful images that are easier to remember than dull images, as memory improvement techniques, you will recall information better. Make use of all your senses, feelings and pictures when storing. Exaggerating the size of important parts in an image will also help. Humor helps as funny things are difficult to forget, especially if the humor or rhymes are rude. Many tools exist to improve your memory. Apply them today and you will remember.

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