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Learning Methods For Productive Study Habits

Learning Methods For Productive Study Habits

It is up to the parents to develop effective learning methods so that their children can be productive in their studies. Productivity in a child’s learning can be improved by putting into place certain tools like providing the right environment, appropriate tools, proper scheduling and tracking progress using a system. Love, rewards and a positive outlook go a long way in increasing the effectiveness of a child’s learning methods. Accelerated learning is one of the most advanced teaching and learning methods that are followed these days.

It works on the principle of unlocking an individual’s mind potential, which is not usually realized by the conventional study methods. This is achieved by involving the student in physical activity, creativity, music, images, color so that he or she absorbs the subject matter easily. According to accelerated learning techniques, a positive learning environment in which people are totally involved is of utmost importance. Learning is most effective in a social environment, such as in study groups for children. Parents and teachers should encourage a variety of learning options so that they are able to put to use all their senses. It advocates contextual learning, where the principle of “Doing is learning” is applied.

Books that help accelerated learning techniques like Adam Khoo’s “I Am Gifted, So Are You!” conveys that each individual can learn anything if it’s communicated in the way they can relate to it. “Accelerated learning techniques” by Brian Tracy is another great read, which is based on Nobel Prize-winning research. The methods revealed in this book can make a great change in a parent’s outlook, who after reading the book, will be in a position to coach his children accordingly, therefore achieving success both at his work and his child’s school. The learning program explained in the book enables the parent to identify and use their own unique way of learning.

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