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Is Distance Learning For You?

Is Distance Learning For You?

Distance learning is a relatively new concept that is getting more and more popular with people. It is an education process which takes place without the student’s and the teacher’s direct interaction.

Like every new educational program, distance programs have their advantages and disadvantages. You must be acquainted with them before taking a certain distance program.

The advantages of distance programs are:

Place flexibility – You can take your course from anywhere you want. You just need to have a computer.

Time flexibility – Do your lessons whenever you want. There are no time limits. This is perfect for those who work or are very busy. You plan your own schedule.

Interaction – Interaction is more vivid and open as in the case of any type of online communication. People who are shy to ask questions, feel free to participate in the classes.

Schools – You have various choices of schools. Choose the one most suitable for achieving your educational goal.

Costs – The costs are very low. You don’t have to buy books or commute to campus, because your learning process takes place in your home.

Notes – You don’t have to make notes during your lesson. This is good especially for those who are slow in writing or can’t concentrate on the lecturer’s words.

The disadvantages of distance programs are:

Help/support – You may need some help, or instruction from your teacher, and you may need a better explanation in person. But in most cases distance learning doesn’t give you that opportunity.

Lack of direct interaction and isolation – If you are used to direct group or face-to-face communication, you will feel lonely and bored during these classes because there will be only you in your “classroom” with your computer.

Online degree – When you finish an online course, you are given a diploma. And that’s good! But unfortunately not every employer pays attention or will accept your online degree. So, take this fact into account.

Despite these disadvantages distance learning is effective for all those people who are working and don’t have much time to attend certain institutions to get education. An online learning environment can be considered like any other method of education, with its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

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