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Distance Online Learning: Pros And Cons

Distance Online Learning: Pros And Cons

If you think that everyday classes in university won’t go well with your schedule, you can opt for distance online learning.

What’s online education? Well, it’s basically online organized trainings or courses, which give students the possibility to follow them without leaving their present locations, including their homes.

This option may seem very convenient for those who work during the day, those with physical disabilities and for many others.

The courses provided via the Internet may or may not be delivered synchronously. Sometimes there is a need for students and teachers to meet periodically for additional lectures or practical tasks. Physical meetings must comprise no more than 25 percent of the total course duration.

While opting for distance programs, you should take into account the pros and cons. Let’s consider both the advantages and disadvantages of distance online learning.

One of its main advantages is that it’s easily accessible, you can follow online classes from anywhere. Besides, you can do it whenever you want–morning, afternoon or night. It will also cost much less than having to relocate or stop working.

And finally, the live discussions and lecture transcripts are recorded and then archived for you to hear later. It’s very practical from all points of view.

With these advantages there are also some negative points that must be mentioned. First, after your distance online learning course has completed you’ll have some difficulties at finding a job, because there are a lot of employers who give more importance to traditional diplomas and degrees. They may want some school accreditation or copies of your assignments.

Another reason that may have a negative influence on the quality of your learning process is the absence of live interaction with your professors and peers. This contact is one of the main tools of the learning process.

Finally, not all courses are available online and you may not get a scholarship for learning online. If you’re interested in a less common field of study, it may be a bit difficult to find relevant distance programs.

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